Step 2 – Being the Re-defined Hourglass

So, having established we are going to create the modern hourglass in the physce of society, how do we become that? The answer is we already are. The key is making the most of it, and feeling great – when you feel great it shines right out of you. It’s like when you have sexy underwear on underneath your normal clothes and no-one knows – you keep that cheeky grin on all day. It’s like when you get a flirty text from that cute guy, or when your dancing with friends while people make eyes at you. It’s when you feel most like a woman.

Get confident – you have every reason! Sometimes though it doesn’t come naturally. What can we do then? It’s good to address the root cause – is it just an off day or do you feel like this a lot? Think positive and take in positivity, from your friends and what you feed your mind by way of television, books etc. There’s also some great quick fixes! Lipstick for instance…

Scarlett Johanssen applying lipstick (Dolce & Gabbana ad.)

There’s nothing like a bright lipstick to give the impression of confidence. It looks good, it grabs attention, think of people you’ve seen wearing lipstick – ever think any of them aren’t confident? It’s also great for economic times like these. As Leonard Lauder, the chairman of Estee Lauder coined it the ‘lipstick effect’ was a theory that in economically hard times, lipstick sales would increase. This hasn’t always proved true, but what he later said makes a valid point:

“We have long observed the concept of small luxuries, things that can get you through hard times and good ones. And they become more important during harder times.”

And what small luxury could be more womanly than a rich red lipstick for example? The fifties are sometimes referred to as the lipstick years – the years when hostesses glided along on planes looking like they’d just stepped out of a vintage magazine. And now there are also many modern alternatives, like coloured gloss.

Dita & Richard Branson. Does she look like she lacks confidence to you? Thought not!

So we have sorted the attitude – what about the look? Turn up the glamour! Most dress types work for our shape – the traditional 50’s prom which had a huge resurgence last summer on the catwalk and on the highstreet (also big this year but with shorter hemlines!), the bodycon (great for showing off and usually have some stretch – great for hugging those curves) and pretty much anything in jersey (more on that later). If unsure of the fit of something you love, or you already own, invest in some waist belts. Another quick fix, it highlights your waist without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe. It can also add a pop of colour and new interest to an old outfit.

Are you a jeans and tshirt girl at heart though? Not sure if glamour as such will work for you in real life? That is perfectly ok but forget those baggy clothes! Any casuals you wear can still be comfortable and feminine. Make sure your t-shirts are fitted around the waist – a good tip is to buy ones that fit your waist and have slight stretch in them. That way your shape isn’t lost in all that cotton and your bust still has room to breathe! And if you are going to wear jeans – make sure they fit! All hourglasses have experienced the baggy bottom effect (stay tuned for ‘the perfect jean’ post). Good alternatives are leggings or fitted capri pants – why not try pairing them with some cute heels? Whatever makes you feel more like the woman you are within!

Marilyn in The River of No Return – striking the perfect balance of feminine & casual

Finally be ready to try something new – celebrate your figure! Whatever size you are unless you are either extremely thin or extremely overweight you keep the same shape, so enjoy it! The sooner you love you, the sooner we can too!


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