Interviews – Nigella Lawson

Imagine my delight when one Tuesday morning I was invited to see Nigella at an iTunes special event that afternoon! Nigella had just released an app on the Apple app store and as a promo was having an open question session. After getting the ok from my boss I hot-footed it on the train into London. I wasn’t going to miss this! When I arrived at the Apple store on Regent Street a special section was cordoned off for the event. I sat next to a gentleman clearly here more for the view than the conversation. Couldn’t blame him though!

When Nigella walked in, it was a breath-taking moment. Even more magnificent in real life, her proportions were so incredible it was almost like she was a living drawing. She had poise and elegance, and spoke beautifully. She is a great ambassador for the hourglass figure, and for the intellectual & domestic woman – a lady of many talents.

With this in mind, this is the question I asked:

A snap I took with my iPhone at the event

How important do you think it is to be an ambassador for the womanly figure and the womanly role in today’s media?

‘Well I don’t consider myself an ambassador for a womanly figure but as I said to you before I’m all for making a virtue out of necessity. And if it means I don’t have to go on a diet  thankyou (laughter) it’s a role I’ll take! I wouldn’t, you know you say a womanly role, I think that it’s important to remind people that having, if you like, a enjoyment of a certain domestic activity like cooking doesn’t detract from ones abilities or interests in other spheres. I mean baking a cake does not knock points off your IQ, and it tends to be a slightly conventionally male notion if I’m not that I wish to insult men but I think you’d agree, to compartmentalise slightly and to think that things are separate whereas I think in a way, I know, that when I’m with my girlfriends people will go from discussing the election to a new lipstick, to shoes, to moral choices in life. I think women, in a way naturally, range through many subjects, quite without thinking it’s something worth remarking on.’

 If you want to hear this from Nigella herself (first question asked, at 16:50) as well as the answer to other questions such as have any celebrities asked her for cooking tips, and who ‘team cupcake’ are, you can listen to the session by downloading the free podcast here from iTunes! Nigella’s app Nigella Quick Collection is available on the app store now for £2.49.

Promo picture for Nigella's app


2 thoughts on “Interviews – Nigella Lawson

  1. I LOVE your blog! I actually have your Jayne Mansfield icon already on my computer for style/beauty inspiration. I, too, am aiming to make women feel more comfortable in their own skin, and am an hourglass figure. And wow, you were able to see Nigella? Is she as fabulous as I think she is? Wonderful!

    • Hello burlesquebaker! Thankyou! I love yours too, just had a sneaky peek! Definitely going to be making some of that grapefruit scrub soon!
      She really is incredible in real life, glad you feel great in your curves too, the more the merrier!

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