Review – New Gok range for TU at Sainsbury’s

The new Gok range for Sainsbury’s was launched on March 1st. Gok talks on his show about loving your curves and having great ‘bangers’ but are his clothes any good for us hourglass ladies? I went to find out.

Store layout for Gok's new range

I have to admit the first thing that caught my eye was a rather horrible shapeless print dress but it wasn’t long before I found something much more pleasing to the eye – a jade green jersey dress! This colour is famously hard to photograph, but it is a true jade green in real life. The dress has long sleeves, a knot front which is meant to draw in your shape, and a control slip underneath.

Promo shot for the dress on a nice curvy model, again this is not the true green

This was the item I decided to try out. Here are my pics from the fitting room!

Modesty button done up - strange shape!

Initial thoughts were nice! I love the shoulder pads, and personally I am a fan of the long sleeve, it translates well for casual, formal and is trans-seasonal. At the front there is a ‘modesty’ button that holds the front of the dress together. I found this made the dress a very odd shape, most likely suitable for taller ladies who are longer in the torso and perhaps broader shouldered. Thankfully you can undo the button and this was the result.

The sausage-y control slip! Tip - if you do not want a control slip to squash down your chest, simply wear it under your bust.

I am 5’5″ and currently  a size 10, sometimes 12 and found the 10 to be just right. Although I liked the dress I found the fit without the slip was actually more flattering and gave more room to my curves without detracting from the waist. Inside the straps of the slip can be unclipped from the dress which is a great design feature.

Without the slip - Ready for a joanie moment!

DESIGN COMMENTS – The knot front certainly does draw the eye to the waist – brilliant. However the only downside with all knot garments that sit on the waist is the side view. The knot adds bulk at your smallest point, meaning from the side you lose a bit of that bust waist definition. The fit on the bum, however, is great!

Knotted front waists mean sideways bust-waist definition is lost

The fit on the bum is quite clingy - a great plus for jersey dresses and hourglasses!

Overall rating? 7/10 Great for smart casual or work depending on your profession. Probably still a little too casual for a special occasion to me. Good fit, though it may ride up as you walk, a larger size would be too long and lose waist definition.

This dress is priced at £40 and is also available in black. Other items in the range also include trousers, and other dress variations. Below is the link to the Sainsbury’s website and a reference list for the shapes the ‘key’ items in the range would suit.

Print Flared Hem Dress – Pear
Cropped black Jacket – Pear (only hourglass if your tall enough for it to finish above the narrowest part of your waist)
Pencil black skirt – Hourglass (make sure it doesn’t ride up as you walk, this is a common problem because of our waist/hip ratio).
Print cropped jacket – No, a thousand times no. Pear, apple & boyish figures only.
Print Circular skirt – Hourglass (would recommend wearing it lower on the waist than the model so your waist can be adequately emphasized)
Peplum black top –  Could be great, but not enough booby room!
Slim fit trousers – A possibility due to stretch fabric, make sure waist fits so as not to get the ‘saggy bottom’ effect when you sit down!
Funnel neck dress – So joanie! As long as you can fit your boobies in…
Shell top – No way unless you are tucking it in, loose & shapeless so your waist will be lost. Pear, apple & boyish figures only.
Print Tunic dress – No! This was the horrible dress I saw when I walked in. Again, shapeless, don’t hide that waist!
Knot dress – (as above) Hourglass!


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