Events – Salvatore Ferragamo Marilyn Exhibition

Yesterday you may have seen my post on shoes  – and the beginning of the lust list! There was that gorgeous picture of Marilyn in her shoes, and if you liked that, you’ll love this! For our Italian ladies, or those holidaying this year, the Salvatore Ferragamo museum is displaying it’s collection of fourteen pairs of the starlets shoes! Purchased from Christy’s in 1999 they were designed especially for Marilyn and feature in some of her most famous films, like ‘Let’s Make Love’.

Red Swarovski crystal court shoe worn by Marilyn, made by Salvatore Ferragamo c.1960

Perfect for a slice of history and to get more of a feel for such an amazing hourglass! Isn’t it sad our shoes last longer than we do? Yet it’s still great we can visit these memories! And the heels on display are timeless in style and beauty. It may also put to rest that rumour about one heel being half an inch shorter than the other to create that famous walk!

Pink satin stiletto shoes worn by Marilyn whilst singing 'Incurably Romantic' in Let's Make Love

Also featured will be the famous white stilettos worn in the Seven Year Itch, possibly the most seen shoes of all time! (Stop by tomorrow to see a fabulous visual representation of that moment!)

The exhibition of these beauties at The Salvatore Ferragamo Museum runs from June this year till January next year. Time to book a flight to Florence!

Museo Ferragamo


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