Events – Forever Marilyn by Seward Johnson

Hmm.. what would bring the hourglass form back to the attention of the general public in a huge way? How about a giant statue of an iconic hourglass?

Yesterday I promised ‘a fabulous visual representation of that moment’ when Marilyn wears Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoes standing above that grate in the 7 Year Itch. Well here it is!

This is ‘Forever Marilyn’, the 26 foot tall , 17 ton fibreglass statue representing possibly the most famous hourglass in history. It is the handiwork of Seward Johnson (actor Michael Douglas’ cousin, of all people!), famous for his life size bronze sculptures, and the ‘Unconditional Surrender’ 25 foot statue depicting the couple kissing on V-J day in Times Square.

The ‘Iconic’ statues by Seward Johnson are made using a computer program which translates images into buildable 3d objects – castings of people, if you like, only in a digital format.

Just like many of the most eye-catching pieces of art it has caused huge controversy. Awakening nostalgia and admiration in some, and the childish side to others. I think it’s magnificent, and a testimony to a much loved woman, actress and hourglass figure. Long live the hourglass! And long live Marilyn in our hearts!

It didn't bring out the maturity in everyone! But Marilyn still gets the boys talking 50 years after her death.

Marilyn in The Seven Year Itch, the inspiration for Forever Marilyn

If you want to see Forever Marilyn she is officially on display in Chicago’s Pioneer Court on the Magnificent Mile until Spring this year, when she will be the property of The Sculpture Foundation and is thought to be doing a tour of the US.

Video of Forever Marilyn

A man applying the finishing touches to Forever Marilyn's feet in those famous Salvatore Ferragamo shoes!

How do you feel about Forever Marilyn? Wonderful tribute? Or inappropriate? Feel free to share below!


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