The Perfect Jean – Part 1

*Sigh!* Another fitting room, another pair of jeans. One pair is huuuge round the waist and the other won’t go past my hips/over my bum. (Us hourglass ladies famously have an approximate 10 inch difference between our waist & hip measurements.) The pair you buy? The pair that’s big around the waist, and so you get the ‘saggy bottom effect’.

The 'saggy bottom' effect - when your jeans gape at the back, most evident when sitting down

So what’s the solution? For me jeans went out the window, a preserve of only when essential, skirts I preferred anyway! But it always eluded me just why there wasn’t a jean out there that could fit me well. Surely I wasn’t the only woman with this problem! There are thousands of other hourglasses out there! I was abated a little when leggings came back into fashion, but not satisfied. And then…..! It came!

Levi’s new Curve ID. WOW! I was so excited. But also very doubtful. This is the same Levi’s that told me at age 16 if I couldn’t get my jeans over my hips to try the men’s section (clearly I didn’t). So what’s it all about? Here’s the skinny (pun intended! ha!):

An acknowledgement that women are shaped differently to men (hurrah!) and hence three shapes of jean.
Straight – as it says!
Demi Curve – when your bum/hips are bigger than your waist
Bold Curve – when your bum/hips are even bigger than your waist

There are also 2 ‘rises’, or where they sit on your waist. One standard/low rise and high rise. What’s great is that there are different styles – yes you can get bootcut, but you can also get a skinny, meant to fit you. Well it was too good an invitation not to try, so I went to see if Levi’s measured up, literally!

I had a very helpful assistant who took a tape around the narrowest part of my waist and fixed it there. He then took another tape and fixed it round my hips. Using these two measurements and a red piece of thread (I’m guessing to measure the distance between the size extremes) he announced I was a bold curve. I was quite pleased with this!

He then showed me the jeans available. There are a lot of jean styles available in the Demi Curve – this is their ‘feature size’ if you like, or the size they believe will fit the most people looking for a Curve ID jean. There were noticeably less in the Bold Curve – they had black, waxed finish and a couple of standard washes. I went for skinny, standard/low rise and….

…they fit! They actually did. I sat down, no bum showing. When I stood, there was minimal need to ‘hoick’ up my jeans to where they were before I sat down. Brilliant!

A card with my curve assessment, size & preferred style written on it for my reference!

It is worth noting though, you may still not be able to ‘off the peg’ buy them as there is variation in each finish. The cut of the jeans is the same but the black for example, have more stretch. The standard washes are standard and the waxed are very stiff. So much so, I had to up-a-size for the waxed and they still weren’t comfortable so I wouldn’t recommend them.

The price is worth taking into consideration too – the ankle jeans start at £65 and the full length jeans at £70 but this is for the flares. The modern styles are around the £100 mark and although I’m chuffed these are in the UK, the US has a much bigger range, better rinses, and cheaper prices so if you’re planning a trip to the US anyway, maybe best to wait!

Levi's say they scanned 60,000 of us ladies to help them understand our shape, proportions & size!

Overall rating: 9/10. Such a huge problem solved! The closest you can get to a jean that fits without getting made to measure (a service that Levi’s exclusively run in just a couple of stores, with a price tag of about £600!).

If you want to get a rough idea if Curve ID jeans are worth it for you , you can visit the website and get a curve assessment here!
Curve Me!

It got my assessment right! But to get the right size and style, I would definitely recommend a trip to store to be properly measured. You do it for your boobs, why not your bum?

But Levi’s aren’t the only ones claiming to cater for the curvy ones. Stay tuned for The Perfect Jean – Part 2 when I will review the Gap Curvy jean to see if it’s any good for us hourglass ladies!


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Jean – Part 1

  1. Thank you! I always struggled to find jeans. And when I saw the had for the Curve ID jeans I wasn’t sure if it was worse investigating or not…
    Sadly I live in the middle of nowhere… Maybe I should try ordering online…

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