Kat Dennings

Kat who? was the first reaction of my husband but I’m sure once he’s seen her he won’t forget! First appearing in an advert for crisps in America at the cute age of 10, Kat really garnered interest in the US after starring in an episode of Sex and the City at age 14, and a few epsiodes of ER at age 19. Finally now we’ve seen her in recent box office smash film Thor, and busting onto our screens (oh yes, pun intended!) in new series 2 Broke Girls.

Kat at the US Premiere of Thor

It’s so great to see such a fabulous hourglass figure on our screens – and many jokes in the series revolve around that as a subject. Kat though, has her own views:

Kat as Max in new US Series ‘2 Broke Girls’

“Women are sexy – the end. And you can use that power if you want to. But there’s a certain even more powerful element not using it, just leading with other things – how smart you are, how funny you are.”

And smart, she probably is. Her father is a molecular pharmacologist and college professor, whilst her mother specialises in speech therapy and poetry. Sexy and clever? That’s a pretty good image to portray I’d say!

Kat horsing around with co-star Beth Behrs.

If you want to see Kat in new series 2 Broke Girls in the UK you can catch it on channel 4 and in the US on CBS.

Kat and co-star Beth are even being lovingly converted in caricatures! – courtesy of Basta Comics


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